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The Step By Step Vehicle Smash Repair Process

RSR has built a reputation for quality workmanship at competitive process and exceptional customer service. Our qualified staff are available to answer any questions you have about your repairs.

We employ a number of accomplished tradesman to repair your vehicle. They specialise in mechanical, panel beating, paint spraying, electrical, welding, detailing, parts computers etc. We are extremely proud of pour teamwork.

An RSR insurance company repair carries a lifetime guarantee.

"I pride myself on the quality and level of customer service we provide. For advice please call me, pop in or SMS, no appointment is necessary. Diane, our insurance specialist has many years of experience dealing with insurance claims. Please feel free to call her on 02 4625 4462 or Email Dianne

Step 1 - Insurance enquiries
Damaged Car
Step 2 - Damaged vehicle arrives at RSR awaiting assessment
Step 3 - Vehicle assessed and quote prepared
Step 4 - Vehicle parts removed to allow access for body repair work
Body Adjustment
Step 5 - Panel beating, minor body alignment in panel shop
Body Jack
Step 6 - Major body alignment if required
Step 7 - Body repair work
Step 8 - Preparation for painting
Step 9 - Car spray booth prepared for paint spraying
Step 10 - Paint baking oven to dry and harden paint
Step 11 - Car now in the final stage of repair being reassembled
Step 12 - Car detailing prior to you receiving it completely repaired